DETEX® Blox Monitoring Monitoring Bait with Lumitrack® 4kg 8.8lbs


Ratimor® Paste Power Pads - ready to use

Rodenticidal, highly attractive paste bait can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Also suitable for wet areas
  • Easy to use
  • Practical sachet packaging
  • Effective for single shot
  • Portioned & ready to use paste baits

Ratimor® Pasten Power-Pads is the highly attractive paste bait for the successful control of Norway rats as well as house mice in all areas (yard, stable, house...)


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DETEX® with Lumitrack®

Non-Toxic Monitoring & Tracking Bait

Bell's popular DETEX BLOX surveillance bait has been further developed and is now offered as DETEX with Lumitrack. A non-toxic bait with a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under black light.

DETEX with Lumitrack remains an indispensable tool for monitoring rodent activity, but can now also be used to track rodent movements and identify rodent burrows. The droppings of rodents that have eaten DETEX with Lumitrack appear normal under normal light, but glow a bright neon green under black light. By tracking these droppings, you can now identify the specific type and size of an infestation and track rodent movements to shelter and nesting sites. Active burrows also become visible under black light.

The new DETEX with Lumitrack is therefore particularly suitable for monitoring rodent activity in schools, food warehouses, zoos, parks and other sensitive areas. Once rodent activity is detected, the non-toxic DETEX can be replaced with rodenticide baits, traps or other rodent control products to eliminate the infestation.

The 20 g block is highly palatable and contains food grade ingredients. DETEX with Lumitrack offers the user the same excellent bait acceptance and weather resistance as Bell's previous BLOX baits, as the diverse scents and flavors appeal to rodents.

DETEX can be attached to vertical or horizontal bars in any Bell bait station through a hole in the center of the block.

State New
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Brand Bell Labs
Type Non-toxic
Application Mice and rat monitoring bait
Gross weight 4.5 kg
Manufacturer designation DETEX with Lumitrack

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Weight 4,5 kg

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